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Why is the Wa - web accessibility plugin a better option than changing your entire website's code?
"Wa" is the most advanced and easy to function app.
It is cost effective WA costs $199 per month other options requires anywhere between $20K- $40K per year crazy right, in addition to unrealistic price this option limits you from upgrading your website or making significant changes and makes your company depended on the ADA service provider.

The reason it is so pricy is because of the opportunity, many companies are being sued now for having a none ADA compatible website, and so there are companies that take advantage of fo the situation and charge this unrealistic fees.
Not to mention the layers that will sue you unless you pay them for them to drop the case, how much do you ask? Well it depends but the average website will be asked to pay anywhere between $10K-$20K for a settlement but that does not mean that you will not get sued again tomorrow by the next shark.

That said you should know that having the widget is not a guarantee that no one will sue your company, but it is unlikely because the chances for them to win in court is slim, since you have a web-accessible website.

Changing your entire website could take months or even a year, and by the time that's done, you can have a few lawsuits on your hands plus it will cost you around the same amount as the settlement that is $20K, so that is pretty much a lose lose situation for you.

But do not despair, "Wa" _ has created the most usable and elegant solution for this new trend of lawsuits, but that was not the only benefit you get when adding "Wa" to your website, your company will grow from all the new clients plus google loves web accessible websites.

Why should your company grow with Wa? Here is why 57 Million Americans have a Disability. According to the new figures released by the Census Bureau on July 25, 2012, 56.7 million Americans (18.7% of the U.S. population) have some disability, and out of this number, an estimated 38.3 million (12.6%) and one billion of the world population have some form of disability.

Your business will now be accessible to all of them and if your competition is sleeping on this then all the better for you, because they are no longer competitors of yours, pretty neat ha, and the best part, is it only costs $99 per month no setup fees and no cancelation fees.

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